This blog serves as a forum for sharing my fiction writing with the world. I am hoping that you read my work, share my work, and spread love and kind words about my writing. In the spirit of Charles Dickens, I plan to serialize my first novel in short chapters. Unlike Dickens, I will serialize this work on a website rather than a newspaper. The times have changed.

I started this project in 2005 and it has gone through many iterations. The last time I worked on this version was in 2009. Having recently rediscovered it, I thought it would be fun to share with the world as I embark on finishing my second novel, a YA dystopian trilogy (predictable, I know, but genre-bending, I swear.) This novel, my first, is not that. The novel is The Family Lukenglasse. It is a satirical book for adults that is written like a children’s book. I attempt to poke fun at religion…of all things rife for sport.

Young Miranda Lukenglasse happens to find a man rummaging through her dirty clothes bin and it turns out this man is God. What does a young girl do when faced with the creator of the Universe? Ride away on his coattails to the after world, of course. If that whets your whistle, please check out the coming chapters in the tab that reads Family Lukenglasse above.

I hope you enjoy and come back for more.

If non-fiction is more your thing, take a look at my travel writing blog Goode Travels.

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